[FORBES] Brand Safety Troubles In Digital Advertising Remind Us That Adjacency Matters Too

August 1, 2017

Nucleus received kudos in a recent article by Andrew Stephen in Forbes for providing a trusted environment — one where advertisers know exactly where their ads are going. Here at Nucleus, we know there’s a lot of fake traffic out there and programmatic buys rarely offer assurance when it comes to adjacency. That’s why our solution is to connect first-party data with first-party inventory, so advertisers can reach real people in safe places.

“In recent months, perhaps even years, marketers have developed a healthy concern for the ‘safety’ of their brands across media channels, particularly digital ones involving user-generated content such as YouTube and Facebook. We have all seen press stories in the U.K. earlier this year reporting on iconic brands’ ads showing up in front of or alongside YouTube videos extolling inappropriate extremist views. And many of us likely remember reports in the U.S. from a couple of years ago on similar issues where brands, such as some of the biggest beer and personal care brands, had pre-roll ads in front of terrorist recruitment videos on YouTube.

“Legitimately, marketers have been wondering whether the world of digital advertising is a safe place for their brands. Particularly in the age of programmatic advertising, where algorithms (or robots, if you prefer) determine where ads are placed and who potentially sees them, marketers are understandably concerned and perplexed.

“At the heart of this problem, however, is not whether there’s a risk for a brand’s digital ads being pre-rolled on an inappropriate video or displayed on a webpage alongside dubious and questionable content. Rather, in today’s technology-enabled, fast-moving, automated and algorithm-driven marketing landscape, we have all grown increasingly focused on audiences and not another critical A-word: adjacency.”

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