Forbes: Nucleus Delivers ‘Safe’ Inventory, Also Helps Fund Journalism

November 30, 2017

Great opinion piece by Forbes contributor Andrew Stephen of Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. He writes on the Forbes CMO Network about how savvy marketers can find success by focusing on the fundamentals, rather than the shiny, new, advertising trend. He points to Nucleus Marketing as providing that value — through our trusted, established inventory.

Stephen goes on goes on to write that businesses in general can benefit greatly from having a strong mission — specifically one that delivers value up and down the food chain, internally and externally with both clients and partners.

“Their purpose and, accordingly, the specific type of value they offer their advertising clients, is based on trust and safety in the online advertising context. This enables them to attract advertising to trusted news outlets, which in turn helps support and fund high-quality journalism. Value to their customers, i.e., advertisers of all sizes, comes from knowing that their ads will run on sites that are safe and not, for example, be adjacent to inappropriate content. Standing for something and following through on that is important and Nucleus does this very well.”


Read the full article on Forbes here: “Don’t Forget The Fundamental Purpose Of Marketing Revolves Around Creating Value For Customers

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