from our CEO


For generations, advertisers have known that the news environment was unrivaled to forge a trusted connection with millions of consumers. As digital media evolved, the vast number of options and the power of precision targeting tools gave the illusion that other media could deliver a replica of that connection. The upheaval in the media business drove advertisers to confusion and frustration.

In creating Nucleus, we’ve brought together the most respected hometown news brands across the country in an unprecedented alliance, focused on serving today’s marketers at the superior level they should expect. We’ve created an ROI machine that reconnects quality brands to an environment of trust, using the leading edge of data and technology, married with scale large enough to rival some of the largest sites on Earth. Nucleus was created to deliver the highest quality, brand-safe environment that only real news can provide, along with exact audience segmentation and insight to fulfill nearly any marketer’s need.

We believe marketers shouldn’t have to choose between scale and trust, and that they can’t afford to gamble with their brands in uncertain places. We believe that real journalism is important to society and that brands play an important role in supporting it. We believe news media companies have a responsibility to execute brand campaigns at such a high level of efficiency and effectiveness that it earns that critical support every day.

At Nucleus, we’re already delivering for some of the world’s best-known brands. If you’d like to know more about how we do it, please write me directly at


Seth Rogin
President & CEO