Real People & Scale: The Future Of Digital Advertising Is Here

November 21, 2017

Digital advertising may not require expensive physical deliverables like billboards or radio jingles, but it still isn’t cheap. You spend money and time carefully crafting your brand’s identity, making sure its message is strong and effective. For all the effort you’ve put into creative, media buys and distribution, you should know exactly where your brand’s name is seen.

Unfortunately, with the growth of more low-quality ad buying options, chances are you’ll be left in the dark. Not only do even the most targeted placements scatter your carefully crafted message across the digital landscape, but measurements of campaign success can be difficult to trust. As reported by the internet security firm Imperva, automated crawlers and robots are responsible for almost half of all web traffic. Worse, malicious programs are responsible for 29 percent of that traffic. How are advertisers to protect their reputation and their KPIs in such an environment?


Safety in Data

Now more than ever, brand safety via first-party data is the future of digital advertising. The sites you entrust with your content should have good reputations. That means authoritative sources of accurate information and businesses that conduct themselves in a principled manner.  Furthermore, that reputation should be backed by metrics that ensure efficient targeting as well as an optimal ROI on your ad spends.

We believe that transparency is essential to fostering successful relationships between brands and their advertising environments. This is accomplished by having access to the data that places your message in front of its ideal audience in the best possible location. Here at Nucleus, we are proud to have first-party inventory control across some of the most trusted and respected news media sites.

We also have the numbers to prove it. The Nucleus Platform reaches more than 159 million unique visitors and we deliver over 155 million video ad impressions each month. We offer scale that rivals search and social giants while still maintaining a brand-safe environment. Compared to individual, traditional news sites, we are able to reach substantially more consumers. At Nucleus, we are proud that we can provide such scale while still ensuring that you know exactly where your ad is being seen.


Strength in Diversity

With the vast amount of content published every day, you must be seen across multiple platforms. We believe that a brand’s message is often most effectively spread when it’s been tailored to specific regional audiences all across the country. This is why we’ve worked diligently to establish partnerships and affiliations with top news media companies — from the Baltimore Sun to the San Francisco Chronicle — who can deliver highly relevant and localized content to your desired audiences. Our digital content reaches two-thirds of users online with targeted placements that are both highly visible and of premium quality. We are proudly responsible for over 2.5 billion impressions a month. It is increasingly rare that this sort of reach can be accomplished while still promising only the most respectable environments for our advertising partners.


Good Stewardship Translates into Long-Term Success

First and foremost, we are true believers in the importance of high-quality journalism. Nucleus knows that our country can only thrive when there is a hard-hitting, objective press reporting on all aspects of the world. But it’s not just the content on the Nucleus Platform that we appreciate, it’s also the advertising that helps fund it. We take great care in how we analyze and deploy all we learn about impressions, engagements, click-through rates, video views, time spent on content and more.

In the 2017 edition of her Internet Trends Report, a Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’ partner Mary Meeker notes that users don’t always like that data is collected about them, and are particularly sensitive to data collection strategies that don’t feel transparent. Meeker further points out that ad-blocking penetration on desktop computers is at nearly 20 percent in the U.S., and has risen steadily since 2013. We create content that users actually want to engage with and responsibly capture data that actually reveals how digital campaigns drive conversions, contribute to revenue streams and ensure the success of your business goals. And the key to making that content profoundly engaging is to not abuse the trust readers place in our media partners.

Nucleus is leading the future of digital advertising. You can have both quality and scale — don’t believe anyone who says otherwise.


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